Plaudits for Dolci

Dolci at Aquatic Park, San Francisco, November 21, 2014
Drawing by Ann Cohen




(to Viva and Ted)

Breaking waves
On the shore
Of unsang song

A lost soul cries
A seagull answers

Dark clouds and stellar thoughts
Mingle in "schubertiades"
Sublime reconciliation
Of demons and angels.

Claire Tremblay
SF, 2/6/15



Dear Dolci,

I am your loyal audience. Because my English is not good, so I'm embarassed to express my feedback. I think music has no borders, and I know you, I have the music with your excitement, meditation happy, you the feelings are my feelings. Thank you for giving me a lot of joy, and I will always miss you.
One of your loyal fans,

Irene Li
November 21, 2014



Silver Piano and Soldered Metal Oboist Figurine
gifts from fans — Viva Knight photo



Dolci at Aquatic Park Center, San Francisco, February 14, 2014
poster by Tom Collins; photo by Jenny Berline

The uninvited guest
(To Viva and Ted)

Flesh floating on the bones
deceptive illusion
Rummaged gesture
broken line, obsolete elegance

The uninvited guest disturbs
Creeps, eclipses our innocence
Dressed like a black crow
This has-been-swan mourns her past.

Chopin, Krenek, wipe the deplorable
Ted and Viva stay who they are:
generous musicians, stubbornly good.

In the rainbow room
nobody wishes for golden age
but the unwelcomed comes, anyway.

Claire Tremblay
San Francisco 1/21/2014

Dolci gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance we receive in producing Dolci by the Bay from Sue Horst, Director, Frances Prochilo, Program Coordinator, and the staff of the San Francisco Senior Center, and from the following:
Laurene Boulet
Tom Collins
Sayako Hori
Hilda Yuen



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